The guys love them
“I can not live without it.”

“I have one in each size”

“What a money maker for me”, said one technician

“Since I have the extended air ratchet I continue to find more and more uses for it. ... 
What a life saver.”

Just the other day a dealer said,
“Once I get it into the technician’s hands they will not give it up.”

Honda, Toyota, BMW, Cadillac technician’s have all reported back to us
stating that this product is so great!

Honda technicians have informed us that the extended air ratchet has saved
them approximately 3 hours of labor when replacing a timing belt.

What is it good for?  Just to name a few:

  • Transmissions
  • Timing chain covers
  • Water pump bolts
  • Oil filter lines
  • Mufflers
  • Head light mounting bolts
  • Top strut bolts
  • Radiator shrouds

Some uses as described by our customers:

  • Timing belts on most import vehicles.
  • Under dash heater cores on GM vehicles.
  • Fan shround 8mm bolts on Ford vans.
  • Bolt for remote oil filter lines on Chevey vans.
  • Top strut bolts in back of Windstars.
  • Valve cover bolts on vans with 7.3 Ford engines.
  • Fuel filter bolts on Toyota cars.
  • Water pump bolts on 3.8 Fords.
  • Radiator and fan bolts on Caravans.
  • GM 2.8-3.1 engine motor mount bolts.
  • Head light mounting bolts on Ford pick-up.

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